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EBD220 My Most Difficult Dog and Teacher with Terri and Bella

EBD220 My Most Difficult Dog and Teacher with Terri and Bella

Kathy has shared the stories of so many dogs she’s had the pleasure of knowing. But this week, she turns the spotlight on a member of the Brilliant Partners Academy.

BPA member, Terri joins Enlightened By Dogs to tell the tale of her beloved Bella and what she’s learned during her time with her.

Every dog has different needs, personality types, and complexities, and the learning process never really ends. In this episode, Terri shares her experiences with Bella and what she’s learned from being a BPA member.

Terri adopted Bella from a shelter and found herself stuck in a red zone spiral. She would never have dreamed of one day enjoying hiking with her. But through her own insights and BPA learning processes, she has helped Bella develop into the calmer dog she is today.

In this episode:

  • How Terri listens to her dogs’ needs
  • Why sticking with BPA is crucial for Terri
  • Why remaining calm helps your dogs remain calm


“I have to tell myself not to get tense because if I’m tense, she’s tense. If I’m calm, she’s calm.”

“If we’re sitting on the couch and I take a deep breath, Bella takes a deep breath too. I know she can mirror me.”

“I praised Bella anytime she wanted to be beside me. I was like: “You’re just such a wonderful dog,” and I just let my heart flow out with her.”

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