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EBD222 Life Lessons from An Intense Puppy with Erin and Jess

EBD222 Life Lessons from An Intense Puppy with Erin and Jess

Kathy has shared many tales of the dogs she’s known over the years, but in this guest edition of Enlightened by Dogs, she introduces Erin who tells us about her journey with her Border Collie Jess.

Erin, a lovely member of the Brilliant Partners Academy, picked up Jess with the hope of love, joy and adventure. To start off with, things were really tough! Jess’ behaviors left Erin anxious, stressed and even panicked at times.

But through her own knowledge and progression, plus the help of the BPA, Erin and Jess’ relationship is now stronger than ever and, in just four months, she has settled perfectly into Erin’s family.

In this episode:

  • How Erin’s constant worry was lifted
  • Dealing with an intense puppy
  • How BPA helped Erin and Jess enjoy a calmer relationship


“She was up every couple of hours through the night, wanting reassurance. I didn’t feel equipped to deal with that. Now I feel I know how to respond.”

“I’ve got a little way to go. But things don’t freak me out anymore. That’s the difference.”

“Trust what feels right for you. It might not be my approach. It could be something else.”

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