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EBD224 Creative Thinking for Designing a Dream Life with Your Dog

EBD224 Creative Thinking for Designing a Dream Life with Your Dog

Mindset plays a huge role in the partnerships we have with our dogs. Sometimes we have to challenge our own thoughts and what we know to be ‘right’ in order to live a better life with them.

In this Enlightened by Dogs episode, Kathy explains how tapping into our creative and executive brains can help us design the life we dream of having with our dogs.

Through defying what we know, we can find brand-new ways to build stronger relationships and a happier life for our dogs.

In this episode:

  • Forming new ideas to keep your dog safe, calm and happy
  • Using your creative brain to build bonds
  • Challenging your own thoughts


“It’s totally up to each of us to tap into the power of our brain, so that we can design the life that we dream of having with our dogs”

“Come up with some ideas for alternative activities you can do with your dogs to keep you safe, calm and happy.”

“Have your dog help with chores, turn on music and dance together, read to your dog. There are so many ways to actually tap into our creative brain that will change everything.”

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