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EBD225 Truth Bomb. Dog is Having A Hard Time, Not Giving A Hard Time

EBD225 Truth Bomb. Dog is Having A Hard Time, Not Giving A Hard Time

Being a Brilliant Partner (BP) is wonderful when you and your dog are in sync and you’re communicating flawlessly. But what happens when your dog flat-out refuses to listen? It’s something that all dog parents go through on their journey to brilliant partnership and that’s what Kathy discusses in this episode of Enlightened by Dogs.

To provide a deeper level of insight, Kathy shares a segment of a coaching call she did with dog mom Christina, who was experiencing a few issues with her pup. She talks about viewing behavior as communication, and how patiently practicing BP principles will eventually help both you and your dog feel safe, calm and happy.

In this episode:

  • Why a change in perspective makes all the difference
  • Kathy gives a detailed breakdown of the default position for walking
  • How to ask Brilliant Partner questions instead of dog training questions


“Dogs don’t really have an opinion about the leash, the leash is what you make it to mean.”

“We put so much effort into leash walking, and not enough effort into walking as partners.”

“You and your dog need to collaborate as trusting partners to figure out how you can both meet your needs.”

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