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EBD226 Insider Tips for Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior

EBD226 Insider Tips for Understanding Your Dog's Behavior

As Brilliant Partners (BP), it’s so important to build a strong level of understanding with our dogs. Sometimes their behaviors challenge us or leave us feeling frustrated, but reaching a higher level of insight is so important to keep that bond unbreakable.

In this episode of Enlightened by Dogs, Kathy shares 3 top tips on how to better understand your dog’s behavior, and addresses some common mistakes dog parents make when it comes to interpretating their dog’s actions.

She dives into what we can do to find relevant and suitable ways to reach that higher level of understanding.

In this episode:

  • Reach a better understanding of your dog’s behavior
  • Why difficult behavior can be a cry for help
  • How to listen to your dog’s whispers


“Understanding your dog’s behavior is crucial if you want to build a trusting, harmonious and deeply connected and cooperative relationship with your dog.”

“You can definitely learn to better understand your dog’s behavior with more mindful attention, dedication, patience and presence in the moment.”

“Trust is so important because, when trust runs deep, you and your dog can handle almost any experience together. Together is better.”

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