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EBD227 4 Strategies to Navigate the Ups and Downs of Life with Dogs

EBD227 4 Strategies to Navigate the Ups and Downs of Life with Dogs

It’s totally normal to experience ups and downs with our dogs. The good times come with the bad because, well…that’s just life!

There are so many factors that influence how we think, feel and respond from past experiences to expectations, our peers and our communities. Sometimes these things can also affect our relationships with our dogs.

However, there are ways we can minimize the negative effects of the bad times to help us achieve a better, more fulfilling life for ourselves and our dogs.

In this episode of Enlightened by Dogs, Kathy shares four effective strategies to help you navigate through these ups and downs and build a brilliant partnership with your dog.

In this episode:

  • How an optimistic outlook can impact you and your dog
  • Focusing on accomplishments
  • Setting presets to build a better future


“Hold onto the belief that you and your dog are always good enough just the way you are.”

“We have to become that person. That brilliant partner that is able to support our dog in a new way.”

“Who we become, as a result of sharing our life with dogs, is what brings true satisfaction, true pleasure, true happiness.”

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