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EBD228 How To Trust The Process and Stop White Knuckling

EBD228 How To Trust The Process and Stop White Knuckling

When your dogs’ actions and responses don’t match your expectations, it can be so easy to obsess and worry about it.

You could be struggling to deal with their on-leash reactivity, their behavior around other dogs, or their incessant barking at the neighbors. It can sometimes feel like these frustrations consume every ounce of you!

Does any of this sound familiar? Kathy has experienced this first-hand and she has learned a few helpful techniques to get through it.

In this episode of Enlightened by Dogs, Kathy explores how you can avoid stress, worry and obsession by letting go of expectation and approaching your dogs with love, curiosity and confidence.

Tune in for expert advice on how to trust the process and stop ‘white knuckling’.

In this episode:

  • How to let go of expectations
  • What allowed Kathy to let go and change her mindset
  • Why you shouldn’t be desperate to achieve


“You will find joy right away if you give up some of those expectations and that need to control.”

“In your relationship with your dog, turn to this idea that you’re going to enjoy it, you’re going to show up as your authentic self, you’re going to let go of expectations and the need to control and you’re going to be present.”

“I started to think about my relationship with my dog. And I thought, this is not fun anymore. I have lost the joy in it. So, I said to myself, I’m just going to let go, and I mentally or energetically, just let go.”

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