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EBD229 Navigating Grief and Lost Loves

EBD229 Navigating Grief and Lost Loves

Kathy has spent her life with so many wonderful dogs. Sadly, that means she’s experienced loss many times too.

The grief that dog moms experience is often uncontrollable and makes us feel a confusing mixture of emotions from sadness to longing.

But how do we deal with these feelings? How do we navigate the grief we feel when we lose our beloved dogs?

In this episode of Enlightened by Dogs, Kathy explains how she has dealt with grief after losing her companions over the years.

Tune in to this episode as she explores her own overwhelming emotions and delves into insights from psychologists and grief experts.

In this episode:

  • Kathy’s experiences with grief over her dogs
  • Advice from experts on grief
  • How Kathy finds comfort in poetry


“When a person eventually adapts to a loss, grief is not over. It doesn’t mean that we’re sad for the rest of our lives. But it means that we adapt and that grief finds its place in our lives indefinitely, maybe forever.”

“Dog moms truly understand the depth of loss, longing and feeling lost.”

“When our beloved dog passes on, there is so much to process.”

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3 Responses

  1. Can’t say I enjoyed your article on loss of a pet but it certainly hit the spot. I have lost several pets & each one was special. I can recall certain things they did (both funny, sad & loving) but healing did slowly come but memories keep cropping up when I least expect them. Just lost my last companion last Tuesday so am still mourning the loss. Your article was very enlightening & encouraging. Thank you. My daughter insisted I sell my home almost a year ago & move in with them but don’t think they expected my little Buster to last this long & he was not very well accepted. When I wanted to get out & get involved in this new community, he was a problem since they already had three dogs & Buster would be a problem so I would have to lock him up outside with rocks on ground & Buster did not like that. Spent as much time here as I could & he would just lie at my feet – or follow very closely if I went to another room. I realized early Tuesday he had reached the end or near the end of his life. He had a severe seizure & then several blocks further on he had a large bowel movement that was nearly liquid & yellow & bloody. Place where I took him to be euthanized were very compassionate, encouraging & caring. Thanks and I am going to reread your articles.

  2. Condolences on your losses this September. I don’t know what I would do if I lost Tyson just now … maybe in a year or two I could handle it. You see, he loves me.. but he simply ADORED my husband who died this past January.
    People kept saying, “well at least you have the dog.” But Tyson broke my heart as he layed for hours… nose to the door.. waiting for him to come home.
    I guess he’s over it because one day he really started to focus on me, wanted to be NEAR to me and I felt more like he and I were now a team.
    I am sharing many dissertations on grief with a sudden rash of loss in my sphere. A friend’s dog (Sweetie)… whose guardian talked of missing the sound of her feet as she followed my friend, down the hall for breakfast.
    Another friend lost her 50 yr old son 2 months ago and is very stuck in her grief. Yet another lost her husband recently. He was fairly young, she expected many more decades and is still in terrible shock. I almost lost a cousin and my grandson just lost his grandfather.
    I’ve decided loss and grief are all around and I’ve promised myself to reach out. Take over some muffins or a stew. Phone once in awhile.. maybe on a schedule..like every Tuesday.
    I loved this whole podcast and am so glad you shared your story.
    “Duplicate comment detected.”
    I have a shaky hand. I am going to post again in case first two were deleted!

  3. I loved that – I still mourn all my lost dogs and I see them in the shadows and corners of the house and of course in my dreams.
    I loved the poems – I still have tears in my eyes from listening to your podcast.

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