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EBD231 Your Dream Life with Your Dog Won’t Happen Without THIS

EBD231 Your Dream Life with Your Dog Won't Happen Without THIS

Kathy has spent so many years with so many dogs. They’ve all been wonderful. But they’ve all brought their own challenges.

It’s so easy to look to the future, to a time when these challenges are solved, and everything is OK. But the only way to become a true, brilliant partner for your dog is to cultivate calm, confidence and happiness today.

A dream life with your dog starts with you thinking like, feeling like and making the decisions of a brilliant partner.

As Kathy says in this Enlightened by Dogs episode, a great relationship with a dog stems from their dog parent adopting a growth mindset. As soon as you stop blaming external factors for things that go wrong or look to the future in hope they’ll be solved, you can begin to become a compassionate, empathetic role model for your dog.

In this episode:

  • Building a dream life with your dog
  • Dangers of a ‘cause-and-effect’ mindset for yourself and your dog
  • How to stop blaming external factors when bad things happen


“Raising dogs in a way that nurtures their independent thinking, as we guide them toward understanding how we do things and supporting them to be responsible for doing their part, is more like enlightened parenting.”

“I need to feel love without condition for my dog so I’m like a love magnet so that my dog freely chooses to stay near me.”

“The more we feel like the future brilliant partner we want to become right now, the closer that future is to now.”

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