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EBD235: Connection First

Connection First

A life with dogs isn’t always plain sailing. Kathy knows that first-hand. They can challenge your patience with their behaviors time and time again. 

But, instead of working to outright fix those behaviors, it’s time to connect first. 

In this Enlightened by Dogs episode, Kathy explains why connecting with your dogs, before anything else, makes magic happen.  

She explores the benefits of digging beneath the surface to truly understand your dogs and why it’s OK to regret how you’ve dealt with their challenging behaviors in the past. 

In this episode: 

  • Making ‘connect first’ your mantra 
  • Listening to your dog with compassion and curiosity 
  • Why to stop focusing on correcting behaviors 


“When we can dig under the surface for what’s really going on with our dog. Well, that’s when our life starts to change.” 

“If we continue to look at our dogs as a series of behaviors to shape, we miss getting to know our dogs fully and we certainly miss connecting to our dogs fully.” 

“Listening with compassion and curiosity is key to unlocking solutions for change.” 

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