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EBD236: Giving Dogs Room to Bloom with Beth Williams

Giving Dogs Room to Bloom with Beth Williams

Kathy has preached the power of brilliant partnership for many years and practiced it with her dogs. In that time, she’s learned how important it is to give dogs room to bloom. 

In this episode of Enlightened by Dogs, Beth Williams, licensed physical therapist and certified Dancing Hearts Partnership Coach, joins to discuss why giving dogs room to bloom is crucial to being a great dog mom. 

Kathy and Beth dive into the culture and expectations around giving dogs space, keeping them safe and the incredible international Yellow Dog Project. 

She recommends checking your own emotions and judgement, acknowledging dogs that need extra space and respecting all dogs’ boundaries! 

Here is Marianne’s poem, ‘All Dogs Look Good In Yellow’, featured in this episode: 

All dogs look good in yellow.  

All dogs want that grace.  

All dogs appreciate us asking 

Can we share your space?  

Big dogs can want to cuddle.  

But big dogs want space too.  

Little dogs are just like big dogs 

And medium dogs have the same view.  

Fluffy dogs look cute and cuddly.  

Short-haired dogs are soft and smooth.  

Hairless dogs are very tempting  

But they’ve all got the same groove.  

They all want us to ask them.  

They’d like a chance to say ‘yes’.  

Saying ‘no’ is another perfect answer.  

We just don’t want to make it a guess.  

Because all dogs look good in yellow. 

All dogs give us back so much.  

So let’s all respect and love them  

and always ask before we touch. 

In this episode: 

  • Beth’s career and work 
  • The Yellow Dog Project 
  • Beth’s three tips for being a Brilliant Partner 


“No dog should have to tolerate being approached and petted by strangers without being asked and without giving their consent.” 

“I use the tools in my toolbox so that me and my dog are starting from a place every day of feeling safe, calm, happy and confident.” 

“My goal in coaching is to help create those happy, harmonious dog houses to help people connect with their dogs, and to enjoy life together.” 


Hi there, I’m Beth! I love helping devoted dog guardians create a happy, healthy, harmonious “dog-house” for the whole family.

When we focus on the whole being (mind, body, and spirit), with a sense of humor and appreciation for our dogs’ amazing abilities, life is so much more enjoyable for everyone!

My clients experience less stress, fear and reactivity — and more trust, happiness and harmony — on both ends of the leash. They learn to create and appreciate a deeper connection with their dog as a unique and intelligent being.

Practicing physical therapy for people and pets, earning a master’s degree in counseling and education psychology, serving as a Centers for Spiritual Living licensed prayer practitioner, and completing the Dancing Hearts Partnership Coach Certification have all prepared me to help people and dogs live their best lives together.

I’d love to chat about how we can work together, in-person or online!

Contact Beth Williams: 

beth@k9wellnesscenter.com  or on Facebook: K9 Wellness Center.

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