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EBD238: Art as Connection with Marianne Magin [part 2]

Art as Connection with Marianne Magin [part 2]

Kathy has formed connections with many dogs in a variety of ways.  

But, in this episode of Enlightened by Dogs, she invites a special guest to explore a way of building bridges with our four-legged friends that you may have overlooked. 

This is part 2 of Kathy’s interview with the wonderful Marianne Magin, an artist, dog mom and Dancing Hearts partnership coach. 

In this part, she discusses how she helps people through their dog grief using her art, how she emotionally reacts to creating wonderful artwork for herself and others, and discusses her incredible card deck and children’s book! 

Read more in her bio below. 

Marianne Magin is a dog mom, a human mom and an artist. She is inspired by dogs! And loves animals and nature and has always drawn and painted since she was a young girl. Marianne is also a certified Dancing Hearts Partnership coach. She loves to connect with animals, especially dogs through her custom watercolor portrait work, as well as working in other media. She has written and illustrated the award-winning children’s picture book, The Legend of Santa’s Sleighbells (written from a dog’s perspective). Plus, she has also created an oracle card deck of partnership inspiration cards.  


Art – Artful Paw Designs and Pawprints of the Heart 

Partnership Inspiration Card Deck 

Book:  The Legend of Santa’s Sleighbells 

In this episode: 

  • Dealing with dog grief through art 
  • How Marianne responds to her art 
  • Explaining her children’s book and card deck 


“Grief feels like a loss of connection. But when we’re grieving, we’re really still connected.” 

“It’s a sacred time when I’m painting. And I’m doing it in a way which is going to help possibly heal somebody.” 

“Everybody should believe that they are an artist in whatever way they can connect to their art. If you do amazing paintings, that’s amazing. If you just like to dance with your dog in your living room, that’s great.” 

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