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EBD246: Break Free of The Leash Reactivity Spiral

Are you a dog mom who struggles with leash reactivity? Kathy knows how stressful it is when you have a dog that pulls hard on the leash. Having a dog that is lunging toward (or away from) other dogs, moving objects, or anything that triggers them is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

In this episode of Enlightened by Dogs, Kathy shares a real-life coaching call with a dog mom who was struggling with leash reactivity.  Her in-depth explanation of the process of walking as partners with your dog during this coaching session is going to change things with you and your dog!

There are specific things that you can do when your dog becomes reactive on the leash that will lead to walking as partners. One of the important things is to make an intentional choice about when and where to walk your reactive dog so that you are likely to have a great walk.

Creating what Kathy calls “Green Zone Experiences” is what will help you and your dog to finally break free of the leash reactivity spiral that you are stuck in together.

To learn more about how, tune in!

In this episode:

  • A real-life coaching call with a dog mom
  •  Steps to the process of walking as partners with your dog
  • Strategies on how to deal with the leash reactivity of your dog


There are a lot of moving parts to learning how to walk as partners with our dogs. And we make so many mistakes, but we don’t even realize we’re making mistakes. 

The more green zone experiences we create, the more competent we get at staying really connected with our dog while we are walking together.

The earlier we notice first signs that our dog is starting to get uncomfortable or triggered by something, the more effective it is to keep our dogs and us in the green zone. 

The success we had yesterday is not necessarily the same thing that’s going to bring us success today.


Become a calm and confident Dog Mom with a cooperative, happy dog … without obedience training, or relying on treats or arousing games, or corrections of any type.

Here are some next steps:

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  1. This was a very affirming podcast. Nothing in life is perfect and that is ok. I enjoyed the common-sense approach noting that both dog and owner have an emotional bank. What we might be able to accomplish or tolerate one day may not be true the next. The important thing to focus on is moving forward.

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