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EBD250: How Reward-Based Obedience Training Damages Trust In Your Relationship with Your Dog

Join us today as Kathy discusses the impact of reward-based obedience training on the relationship with our dogs. She explains how a transactional approach can damage trust and make cooperation difficult.

The transactional dynamic of reward-based training can lead to power imbalances, erode trust, and cause stress and anxiety for dogs. On the other hand, building a partnership based on trust and love creates a natural and fluid dynamic where dogs are motivated to cooperate without being rewarded for performing specific behaviors.

Embrace a new way of living with your dog that prioritizes trust and love over obedience and rewards.

  • The problems with reward-based obedience training and the transactional dynamic it creates.
  • The power imbalances that arise in a relationship that is focused on transactions.
  • The benefits of a partnership-based approach that is built on love, connection, and trust.
  • The negative effects of compliance and obedience-based training include increased stress and anxiety levels, and decreased confidence and cooperation.


“A reward-based transactional approach can erode the trust that forms the foundation of a positive relationship between a dog mom and her dog.”

“Trust and mutual respect can reduce stress and anxiety levels in both the dog and the human.”

“A partnership-based relationship allows the dog mom and their dog to work together as a team, rather than relying on traditional obedience training methods to encourage cooperation.”

“We are culturally conditioned to believe that dogs aren’t capable of choosing to be loving, playful, well-behaved partners without being paid to be so. That is simply not true.”



Become a calm and confident Dog Mom with a cooperative, happy dog … without obedience training, or relying on treats or arousing games, or corrections of any type.

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