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EBD256: Why Understanding Your Dog’s Personality Traits Matters

In this episode, Kathy leads a discussion about your dog’s personality traits, how that relates to their behavior, and why this matters. This deeper understanding of your dog’s personality will foster a stronger bond and create a more cooperative environment between you and your dog.

By looking into the “shadow traits” that may be the hidden drivers of your dog’s more challenging behaviors, dog moms can gain a better sense of how to better communicate with their pup. 

To help dog moms reframe their dog’s behavior and traits, Kathy shares the special superpower traits each dog has that could be nurtured with the right understanding. These superpower traits include Organizers having the superpower of persistence, Sages the superpower of curiosity, and Explorers the superpower of driven. 

By better understanding and nurturing these traits, dogs can become more cooperative and patient, and dog moms will be able to see their dogs for the clever, intelligent, adventurous, strong, and powerful dogs that really are underneath that difficult behavior! 

Ultimately, with this deeper understanding of your dog’s personality traits, a better connection and trust will develop, and a cooperative and brilliant life can be shared together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dogs communicate through their behavior and it is important for humans to look below the surface.
  • Understanding a dog’s personality traits can open up communication and provide insight.
  • Nurturing and understanding can lead to dogs being more cooperative and connected.
  • Unlock your dog’s unique characteristics with The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Dog’s Personality Traits, Sensitivities, Superpowers, Exercise, and Sleep Needs

Memorable Quotes:

“Getting curious about our dog’s behavior is a great launchpad to a deeper understanding so that we can break free of the spiral of doubt, difficulty, and disconnection that so often occurs.”

“Even when your dog is barking like mad, or pulling you hard, or running away when you call … or jumping or mouthing or growling … it’s important to remember that they’re communicating that there’s something going on under the surface, and that’s the only way they have in that moment to communicate how they feel.”

“When we look under the surface for understanding the root causes of our dog’s behavior, it’s good to start with taking a look at their personality traits,  so that we can open softer, kinder, and easier communication and cooperation with our dog.”


Become a calm and confident Dog Mom with a cooperative, happy dog … without obedience training, or relying on treats or arousing games, or corrections of any type.

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