How to Move Past Mistakes

The Summer Series on The Power of Partnership Part 4 of 5

Part of living in a true partnership is to work towards some kind of common purpose. Yet, it’s something that a lot of us don’t think about when it comes to our dogs. Welcome back to part four of my five-part series, ‘The Summer Series on The Power of Partnership.’ Over the course of this […]

How to Find a Common Purpose with Your Dog

The Summer Series on The Power of Partnership - Part 3 of 5

Transitioning into a new way of being with your dog isn’t always like going from A to B. Sometimes there are a few bumps in the road along the way. But what do you do when you make a mistake? It’s normal to get knocked off-course when you’re moving towards something new. However, how you […]

How to Lead with Love & Empathy

How to Lead with Love & Empathy

Whenever a new year begins, we often look deeper into how we are living our lives…As dog moms, we might be thinking about how we live with our dogs. We partnership-creating dog moms are incredible people. We are strong yet vulnerable. We’re brave, even when we are afraid. We are survivors, but we are not […]

How Consent Empowerment Builds Trust with Our Dogs

How consent empowerment builds trust with our dogs

I believe that just like you and me, our dogs should be given the freedom to give consent. Allowing your dog to give or withhold consent is so powerful because it helps to build trust between us and our dogs. Imagine your right to give consent was taken away from you. Imagine having to go […]