How to Stay Committed to Your Dream Partnership

Part 5 of 5 - The Summer Series on The Power of Partnership

Do you have a clear vision and dream for the life you want with your dog? Staying committed to the partnership of your dreams begins with some clarity on what your dreams actually look like. This marks the final part of my five-part blog and podcast series, “The Summer Series on The Power of Partnership.” […]

The Biggest Myth in Dog Training

The Biggest Myth in Dog Training

Is training really the best solution for a misbehaving dog? Or, is it the one thing that’s making the problem worse? There is a huge myth surrounding dog training. If you ask me, believing in this myth and assuming that training is the solution for a naughty dog or a dog who just won’t listen, […]

How to Be Safe, Calm and Happy in Difficult Times

How to be safe, calm and happy in difficult times

We’re living in tough times right now. The spread of the Coronavirus has caused a great deal of fear, uncertainty, and upheaval all over the planet. Many of you were already struggling with your relationship with your dog before the outbreak. Now, with self-quarantine well underway and having to keep a safe social distance from […]

How Gratitude Can Accelerate Your Dog Training Goals

  In Part 1, I shared 5 tips for using gratitude to create a better relationship with your dog and reach your dreams. Now, in Part 2, I’ll share some advanced gratitude strategies to accelerate your progress! Gratitude and Goals in Harmony … While it seems that being grateful for who we are and what […]

Is Your Misbehaving Dog Begging for Help?

Remember the last time your dog ‘got distracted’, ‘blew you off’, or just  ‘didn’t listen’? • Maybe the last time your dog broke her stay? • How about when he left you to sniff the ground or pee on a post? • Wasn’t that just last week that she leapt right over the A-frame contact? […]

Maya’s Journey of Transformation

Kathy Kawalec's Maya captured in a painting by Bev Gross

Another Story of Transformation I Want to Share with You. You may know my sweet and sassy Maya…or you may know of her story. She is quite a gal, with a jaded history. 😉 She was kicked out of 3 homes, and stood on death’s door because of her impossible behavior. She was labeled ‘untrainable’, […]

Dog Training Partnership that Rocks!

The Foundation Formula - Kathy Kawalec's Dogs

I just have a quick announcement for you today.  A new video of me and my dogs. As I put this quick video together today, I am reminded of how much I LOVE the partnerships I have with each of my dogs. My heart fills with gratitude and love just thinking about it. You can […]

One of my most painful mistakes and what I learned

Kathy Kawalec's Haley

If you’re anything like me and most of my students and clients, your dog is a core part of your life…and you do, or would like to do, lots of fun things with your dog. You dream of enjoying the benefits of having a happy, friendly dog in your life…a dog that you can take […]

Dogs inspire us to make the world a better place

Kathy and Luc share a hug

This day seems so perfect for reflecting on how we have been influenced and inspired. By people and by our dogs and other animal companions. And, it seems perfect to share my own dream with you too. One of the people who most inspires me with his courage, and his peaceful yet persistent and passionate […]