Why Dog Moms are Natural Mothers

Unconditional Love is Not Contingent Upon Behavior

In its purest form, unconditional love is not contingent upon your dog’s behavior. Yes, you might get frustrated or even angry when your dog misbehaves, but you don’t stop loving them because of it. There’s a reason why I call myself and you guys ‘dog moms’, it’s because you are, in a sense, your dog’s […]

How to Know What Your Dog Really Feels

How to Know What Your Dog Really Feels

Can you tell how your dog is feeling? Understanding how your dog feels takes time. It’s easy to misinterpret your dog’s emotions and feelings because they don’t show their feelings in the same way as humans. As a dog mom, you want your dog to be happy. Nobody wants their dog to feel sad, frightened, […]

3 Tips to Help Build A Dream Life with Your Dog

3 Tips to Help Build A Dream Life with Your Dog

Are you getting in the way of building the future of your dreams with your dog? When we welcome a dog into our lives, we usually dream of living in perfect harmony together with (preferably) no ‘unwanted behavior’. So, when things don’t turn out the way we thought they would, it’s easy to let ourselves […]

4 Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Stop Barking

Understanding The 4 Barking Triggers

All dogs bark. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny Yorkshire Terrier or a giant St. Bernard, every dog will bark. However, some dogs bark more than others. Excessive barking can sometimes drive you mad, especially when you don’t know why your dog is barking so much. Dogs bark for a wide variety of […]

How to Stop Unwanted Barking in 8 Steps

How to Rehab Unwanted Barking

Pretty much every dog mom I’ve ever spoken to has a story of their best friend’s unwanted barking. I’ve certainly got a few stories of my own! This is a really tricky topic because we can’t expect our dogs to sit in silence. Dogs barking is just like humans talking – it’s natural and it’s […]

Step Into Your Dog’s Paws

Step into your dog's paws

How seriously have you considered the affect your mental state has on your dog and your partnership lifestyle? If you’re like most of the incredible dog moms I’ve encountered over the years, you probably haven’t really thought about the link between your mental state and your dog. I mean, why would you? The two aren’t […]

How to Avoid Frustration with Unwanted Behavior

How to avoid frustration with unwanted behavior

Have you ever been snuggled up with your dog with a cup of hot cocoa in one hand, the other gently resting on your dog’s back when BAM! There’s a knock on the door, your dog jumps up, knocks the mug out of your hand, and barks hysterically at the unknown caller? Now you’re furious […]

How Consent Empowerment Builds Trust with Our Dogs

How consent empowerment builds trust with our dogs

I believe that just like you and me, our dogs should be given the freedom to give consent. Allowing your dog to give or withhold consent is so powerful because it helps to build trust between us and our dogs. Imagine your right to give consent was taken away from you. Imagine having to go […]

Role Modeling Calm for Your Dog

Role modeling calm for your dog

When things go south, our dogs look to us for guidance. Every time a speeding truck zooms past, your dog is monitoring your reaction. Every time a stranger approaches the two of you, your dog looks to you to help them decide whether this person (or dog) can be trusted. Whether you realize it or […]

A Sensitive Dog in a Big Scary City with Ulla Kjeldgaard

A sensitive dog in a big scary city

Having a sensitive dog in a huge city packed with racing cars, zooming bikes, large crowds, and lots of noise, can be super difficult. Some might even say it’s impossible. However, I recently chatted with a like-minded individual who had this exact problem and was able to overcome it with her hypersensitive, nervous and fearful […]

Why Your Reactive or Anxious Dog Doesn’t Trust You

Why your reactive or anxious dog doesn't trust you

If you have a dog that tends to be reactive to certain triggers (e.g. the postman, other dogs, the neighbors’ tabby cat, etc.) it can be really disheartening, frustrating and make you feel like your dog doesn’t trust you to keep them safe. You may be trying your best to support your dog and yet, […]

Behavior is Communication

Behavior is communication

Does your dog ever look at you dead in the eyes as if they want to tell you something very important…but you’ve no idea what? Realistically, it could be something as small as needing to go outside to relieve themselves (or a guilty glare because they’ve already left a nice surprise for you in your […]