The Best Way to Help Your Reactive Dog

The best way to help your reactive dog

How can you truly help your reactive dog? I feel really passionate about this topic. Why? Because I hear so many stories of dog moms and dog families struggling with reactive dog training that just doesn’t work for them. We have these outdated beliefs in the dog training world that are harming our dogs emotional […]

How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Dogs are socially intelligent animals. Some might say that they can be even more socially intelligent than some humans, but I’ll leave that one up for debate! In this post, I want to open your mind surrounding emotional intelligence and show you how to develop your own emotional intelligence and your dog’s too!   How […]

Role Modeling Calm for Your Dog

Role modeling calm for your dog

When things go south, our dogs look to us for guidance. Every time a speeding truck zooms past, your dog is monitoring your reaction. Every time a stranger approaches the two of you, your dog looks to you to help them decide whether this person (or dog) can be trusted. Whether you realize it or […]