How to Be Safe, Calm and Happy in Difficult Times

How to be safe, calm and happy in difficult times

We’re living in tough times right now. The spread of the Coronavirus has caused a great deal of fear, uncertainty, and upheaval all over the planet. Many of you were already struggling with your relationship with your dog before the outbreak. Now, with self-quarantine well underway and having to keep a safe social distance from […]

How to Help Dogs with Fear of Thunder and Fireworks

It’s that time of year. If you have a dog who is afraid of thunder and fireworks, you know just what I’m talking about. Panic, pacing, panting, drooling, running away. Those are some of the symptoms that tell you your dog doesn’t appreciate the beauty of mother nature’s storms or the city’s annual fireworks display. Should […]

What To Do When Your Dog or Puppy is Afraid of Something (and What Not To Do)

It all starts with the best of intentions. We want to do our best to make sure that our dog is well socialized and can cope with all the interesting (and sometimes scary) things that are encountered in life. Things are going great…until, one day, your puppy encounters what must be a dog-eating monster. uh-oh. […]

Avoid This Hidden Danger That Can Quickly Kill Your Dog

  Summer is a perfect time for fun outdoor play with your dog. But too many families have lost their dogs because they didn’t know to watch for this potentially fatal hidden danger. This part 2 in my series of Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer. If you missed part 1, How to Help Dogs […]

The Holistic Toolkit for Dogs

Holistic Toolkit for Dogs online workshop with Kathy Kawalec

My First Dog: Max When I was a young woman, the first dog that I had the honor to share life with ‘on my own’ was Max, a black standard poodle. What an amazing dog he was. After he died at 11 years old, it took 2 full years before I could speak about him […]