4 Ways to Calm Your ‘Winter Stir Crazy’ Dogs and Get a Better Partnership

4 things you can do when you're stuck inside with your dog

Having wild, pent-up dogs could be a really good time to work on some important skills that’ll come in handy now AND later. So, think of it as a blessing in disguise! lol Seriously? You probably think I’m crazy, reading my quote. (and, I’m not sayin you’re wrong!)    😉 Here’s Why: The Dogs: Can […]

One Dog’s Transformation from Trash to Treasure

  When I adopted Maya, she had been labeled as ‘untrainable’ by her 3 previous homes, and was ready to be put down because of it. You may know my sweet and sassy Maya…or you may know of her story. She is quite a gal, with a jaded history. 😉 She was kicked out of […]

How to Start Herding the Right Way

Kathy Kawalec and her border collie Sue at a sheepdog competition

To: Fellow Herding Dog Enthusiasts From: Kathy “learned the hard way” Kawalec If you have a herding breed dog, you have likely thought about how cool it would be to enjoy a trip out to the farm and give herding a try! Maybe you have a herding dog who really needs a job and misbehaves […]

Herding Dog, No Sheep? 3 Simple Skills You Can Practice At Home

3 SIMPLE THINGS YOU CAN PRACTICE AT HOME to accelerate your herding progress. This is Part 3 of a series…see part 1 and part 2 for some fun games to keep your dog mentally and physically satisfied…and work on important skills! It can be a challenge to make progress when you can only practice herding […]

How to Easily Fix This Common (and Frustrating) Dog Training Challenge

Last year I surveyed dog lovers from all around the country…engaged in a cross section of ALL dog activities/dog sports/working dogs. Can you guess what was in the Top 3 Common Struggles? “My Dog Gets Distracted, Looses Focus, Won’t Listen.” I totally get it. A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about […]

Herding Case Study: From Frustration to Partnership from a Simple Perspective Shift

Herding Case Study

How to have a good working partnership with your stockdog. When your herding dog doesn’t listen, it’s a call for help, not a reason for a correction. That’s when a partnership based on trust and clear dialog changes everything. Remember the last time your dog ‘got distracted’, ‘blew you off’, or just  ‘didn’t listen’? Was […]

Games to Play with Herding Dogs Pt 2

Games to play with bored herding dogs

More Games to Play with Herding Dogs When You Don’t Have Sheep in Your Backyard Remember: Herding dogs not only require serious physical activity every single day, but they need serious mental activity too. Thinking is one of the things herding dogs are great at, and they’re not truly happy without daily mental exercise. Most […]

The Secret to Creating Partnership with Your Dog

  I’ve been thinking a lot about creating deep and solid partnership with my dogs. And how to help others do the same. Most of the time what we think about is how to be better at our handling and impeccable with the training of our dogs…the mechanics of it. Like our position, body language, […]

Is Your Misbehaving Dog Begging for Help?

Remember the last time your dog ‘got distracted’, ‘blew you off’, or just  ‘didn’t listen’? • Maybe the last time your dog broke her stay? • How about when he left you to sniff the ground or pee on a post? • Wasn’t that just last week that she leapt right over the A-frame contact? […]