A Sensitive Dog in a Big Scary City with Ulla Kjeldgaard

A sensitive dog in a big scary city

Having a sensitive dog in a huge city packed with racing cars, zooming bikes, large crowds, and lots of noise, can be super difficult. Some might even say it’s impossible. However, I recently chatted with a like-minded individual who had this exact problem and was able to overcome it with her hypersensitive, nervous and fearful […]

Why Your Reactive or Anxious Dog Doesn’t Trust You

Why your reactive or anxious dog doesn't trust you

If you have a dog that tends to be reactive to certain triggers (e.g. the postman, other dogs, the neighbors’ tabby cat, etc.) it can be really disheartening, frustrating and make you feel like your dog doesn’t trust you to keep them safe. You may be trying your best to support your dog and yet, […]