How to Walk a Reactive Dog in Peace

How to Walk a Reactive Dog in Peace

  Is your dog so out of control and/or reactive that you’re afraid to walk them on a leash? There’s nothing more stressful than walking an unruly and reactive dog who could pull, lunge, or bark hysterically at any minute. If you’re struggling with this problem with your dog, I want to help you change […]

How to Deal with Leash Reactivity

How to Deal with Leash Reactivity

Is your dog reactive on the leash? Maybe your dog hates being on the leash and won’t even let you put it on. Or, perhaps your dog pulls on the leash and lunges towards other dogs, moving objects, or other people. Whatever the case, your dog is not a fan of the leash and will […]

What to do When Your Dog Won’t Listen

What to do When Your Dog Won’t Listen

What should you do when your dog won’t listen? You tell them to come to you, they run in the opposite direction. You ask them to stop barking, and they bark louder. You ask them to get off the couch, and they snuggle into it some more. You get the idea. Sometimes, it feels like […]

4 Ways to Calm Your ‘Winter Stir Crazy’ Dogs and Get a Better Partnership

4 things you can do when you're stuck inside with your dog

Having wild, pent-up dogs could be a really good time to work on some important skills that’ll come in handy now AND later. So, think of it as a blessing in disguise! lol Seriously? You probably think I’m crazy, reading my quote. (and, I’m not sayin you’re wrong!)    😉 Here’s Why: The Dogs: Can […]

Let’s Be Perfectly Clear: Dog Training Basics

  Clarity leads to each partner taking responsibility for their part of the partnership…intuiting what the other wants and needs. It’s a beautiful thing!   If you’ve been around me for more than a minute, you’ve probably heard me speak about “Clarity” and how important that is to training our dogs. But, what does that mean, […]

Dog Training Partnership that Rocks!

The Foundation Formula - Kathy Kawalec's Dogs

I just have a quick announcement for you today.  A new video of me and my dogs. As I put this quick video together today, I am reminded of how much I LOVE the partnerships I have with each of my dogs. My heart fills with gratitude and love just thinking about it. You can […]

One of my most painful mistakes and what I learned

Kathy Kawalec's Haley

If you’re anything like me and most of my students and clients, your dog is a core part of your life…and you do, or would like to do, lots of fun things with your dog. You dream of enjoying the benefits of having a happy, friendly dog in your life…a dog that you can take […]

Dog Walking Nightmare Transformed

Bailey smiling.

Heidi and Bailey: A Personal Story of Transformation Let’s Walk…Together! (this is a guest blog by Heidi Thorne) I am on the Board of the Friends of DuPage County Animal Care & Control, a foundation that supports the DuPage County animal shelter which receives no taxpayer funding. My friends at the shelter and on the […]