How to Calm Your Dog With Co-Regulation

How to Calm Your Dog With Co-Regulation

  You and your dog are both social animals. This means that you both have social needs to fulfill. Two of these must-have needs are to feel safe and connected. Now, what’s cool about this is that when you’re calm, you make a safe space for your dog to connect with you. This grows trust, […]

How to Reframe Your “Difficult” Dog’s Behavior

How to reframe your “difficult” dog’s behavior

  When we have negative thoughts about how our dog behaves, it often leads to trust leaks in our partnership. We definitely don’t want this. But there are ways to turn your thinking around and reframe your dog’s behavior so that it doesn’t damage your bond. I truly believe we all have the capacity and […]

Rehabbing An ‘Untrainable’ Rescue Dog

Rehabbing an untrainable rescue dog

How can you train an “untrainable” dog? Do such dogs even exist? Many clients have come to me over the years with claims that their dogs are out of control and untrainable. Usually, they’re at the end of their tether both emotionally and physically. Dogs described as “untrainable” are not “bad dogs.” They may be […]