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Our global team of independent Certified Partnership Coaches are trained in Kathy’s partnership lifestyle method to work locally with dog families. Click on a coach to learn more.

Alicia Martin


North Texas, United States



I live in the Dallas area in Texas, I am a Certified Partnership Life Coach as well as a Certified Life and Wellness Coach. It is my heart’s desire to help humans and their dogs discover the beauty and love they can have in a heart connected, Partnership Lifestyle where they can thrive in trust, communication and everyone is safe, calm, and happy.

When I was 2 when we got our first family dog and I have vivid memories of picking her out at the shelter. Crystal was my best friend growing up and since then, I’ve always had one or more dogs in my life.

Thirteen years ago, my husband and I got involved with a Dachshund Rescue first by adopting and then fostering. During a 5-year period, we fostered over 60 Dachshunds and have accumulated many. Currently we have 9 dogs, a mix of our personal dogs and forever fosters and almost all of them have behavioral and/or medical issues.

I came into Brilliant Partners Academy desperately wanting there to be more to my life and my relationship with my dogs than mediocre interactions and frustrations at unwanted behaviors. I needed not only new hope, but ‘permission’ to receive a whole new way of relating to my dogs. It has been amazing, incredible, and delightful.

Now, I can take several of my dogs anywhere with me, I can walk my ‘unwalkable’ dogs, I have entered a whole new world of quality connected relationships with happy dogs that love to hear their name and know that I am their reliable trustworthy leader. I am thrilled to be a part of Kathy Kawalec’s amazing world of Dancing Hearts and am excited to help others find the joy it brings.