Partnership Coach Certification


Get Certified and Licensed as a Dancing Hearts Certified Partnership Coach ... and build the world-changing career [and life] of your dreams!

Making a

Real Difference

in the world of dogs.

My BIG dream is that one day, I would have a team of passionate, devoted and savvy partnership professionals who would be well-prepared to support their local students and clients.

Today, my dream is coming true, and there’s a pathway to connect dog enthusiasts who are reaching out for help … with passionate partnership specialists.

I’ll give you all the tools you need for success in implementing the Dancing Hearts Partnership Method and become a certified Partnership Coach.

This program is for you, if  you resonate with one of more of these …

DH Partnership Certification


Make A Difference

Teach dog families how to have a deeper bond and a trusting relationship with their dog so they can live a brilliant partnership lifestyle of love and collaboration. World changing!

Be A Partnership Expert

Set yourself apart from ordinary dog trainers. When you complete your Dancing Hearts certification … your partnership expertise will enable you to have a greater impact in the world of dogs and their families.

Leading-Edge Mastery

Being on the leading edge of dog-human relationships and part of a movement to make a real difference for dogs and your value as a specialist, certified partnership lifestyle coach, means that you will be in demand.

Benefits that set you up for success!

Certified Partnership Coaches become an important part of the Dancing Hearts community that fosters continued learning, sharing, collaboration.

Staying connected with other like-minded holistic partnership professionals is an exceptional benefit when launching a new career, growing your existing business, or adding partnership mastery to your lifestyle.

While the certification program does involve a significant investment, we do have payment plans available … and it requires a substantial time commitment with this one year education program.

Because I am making such a big commitment and investment in you when you join this program, I do want to make sure that the program is a good fit for you, and with you.

My goal after all is for you to become the next great Dancing Hearts partnership success story!!

So if you'd like to explore becoming a certified DH Partnership Coach, there are specific pre-requisites:


You are a member of Brilliant Partners Academy for at least 3 months, and are actively implementing the partnership lifestyle method with your own dogs, and have reached at least the ‘Promising Partners’ Level. You have also earned your Foundation Formula certificate of completion in BPA.


You have successfully completed the Relationship Rehab Intensive program for accelerating partnership with reactive, anxious, hyper-aroused dogs and have earned your RRI certificate of completion in order to graduate from the Certification program.


Please apply for the next cohort of the DH Partnership Coach Certification program.

It all starts with the

Brilliant Partners Academy

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“I am loving the intense learning in the Cert programme, the community of amazing women, and Kathy’s gentle and powerful wisdom and guidance.

This is one of the best things I have ever done, in an already long life!”

Anya G
Serralongue, France

“It is the best decision”

“This way of living with our dogs is so much easier, and I love it so much that I signed up for being a Dancing Hearts Certified Partnership Coach. It is the best decision I have made for years!”

Ulla K
Lisbon, Portugal

“BPA has been such a great experience for all of us and I am forever grateful.”

“I thought: I’ve tried everything, training classes, behavior sessions, reactive dog classes, I have nothing to lose. 10 months later, we all enjoying our Brilliant Partners lifestyle and I’m so proud of my 3 fur kids!”

Bettina N
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

“What do I say about a program that changed despair to joy?”

“My dream dog had become a nightmare, my life was in turmoil and my family was miserable. With our partnership foundation, life is liberating, joyful and totally works! Who knew?”

Dee W
Rolling Prairie, Indiana

“Kicked out of obedience class … to brilliant partners!”

“After being kicked out of obedience class, I found Kathy Kawalec. I love her approach of a loving partnership. Life since is a daily delight with my girl!”

Jane K
West Baldwin, Maine

“Our walk today was perfect!”

“There was a time when walks were difficult, unhappy and uncomfortable … but today, our walk was perfect. The partnership principles gave us the foundation we needed!”

Marianne M
Huntington, NY

“Life is good!”

“My rescue dog Charlie was totally overwhelmed at everything in his new environment. I was exhausted, humiliated and frustrated. After BPA, I’m so happy and amazed at how wonderful life is with my dogs!”

Sue Mimm
Tyrol, Austria

“It’s the best decision I’ve made in years!”

“Bela was not enjoying her walks and neither were we…I was so frustrated and sad. This partnership lifestyle is so much easier! It is the best decision I have made in years.”

Ulla K
Lisbon, Portugal