Meet Our Coaches


Our global team of independent Certified Partnership Coaches are trained in Kathy’s partnership lifestyle method to work locally with dog families. Click on a coach to learn more.

Beth Williams


Reno Nevada, USA



As a licensed physical therapist for people and pets with a master’s degree in counseling and education psychology, a Centers for Spiritual Living licensed prayer practitioner, and a certified Dancing Hearts coach, I believe I have been uniquely trained to help people and their pets heal and thrive in body, mind, and spirit. I appreciate our dogs’ amazing abilities and willingness to partner with us.

As a self described DSL (dog as second language) student, I enjoy sharing a sense of humor about life with dogs. My job as a partnership coach is to create a safe environment to explore “what is”, gain clarity on “what we want”, and be curious and creative about “how do we to get there?”.

Clients can expect to experience less stress/fear/reactivity on both ends of the leash, gain awareness of habitual patterns, expand their sense of possibilities, and enjoy a deeper connection with their dog as an intelligent sentient being and family member.