How to Be Ready For Anything While Walking Your Dog

How to Be Ready For Anything While Walking Your Dog

We all have a ‘perfect vision’ of what walking our dog should look like. Usually, it involves you and your dog walking side by side in harmony. Your dog isn’t pulling on the leash or lunging towards everyone who passes by. It’s a peaceful walk and something that you look forward to every day. However, […]

How Gratitude Can Accelerate Your Dog Training Goals

  In Part 1, I shared 5 tips for using gratitude to create a better relationship with your dog and reach your dreams. Now, in Part 2, I’ll share some advanced gratitude strategies to accelerate your progress! Gratitude and Goals in Harmony … While it seems that being grateful for who we are and what […]

A Love Letter . . .

Kathy Kawalec writes a love letter, a promise to the dogs she loves and devotes her life to.

Do You Say This to Your Dog?

Dog rearing and child raising have similarities

I’m pretty sure that when I say that I can relate the child raising struggles my young niece has to the struggles I have with my dogs, that she politely waits until my back is turned and then rolls her eyes. But, it’s true. I can’t help but see the parallels between child raising and […]

Dogs inspire us to make the world a better place

Kathy and Luc share a hug

This day seems so perfect for reflecting on how we have been influenced and inspired. By people and by our dogs and other animal companions. And, it seems perfect to share my own dream with you too. One of the people who most inspires me with his courage, and his peaceful yet persistent and passionate […]

5 Surefire Ways to Have a Happier Life with Your Dog

If you’re like most of us, you have a dog because you love the companionship, the opportunities for fun, and the challenges of mastering a dog-centric activity and of getting to be a better person. Things don’t always go as planned. We can have challenges and struggles along the way that seem to drain our […]

Competition Failures Transformed

Young Karma enjoys agility!

When Good Karma Won’t Stay (This is a guest blog by Julie Bacon) There’s a popular quote: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.” That was us, me and my Bernese Mountain Dog, Karma, when it came to having a solid stay in obedience. We practiced, yet […]