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Bonus Ep: Brilliant Partners Academy Members Share their Stories

Are you struggling with a reactive dog? If your dog gets over-excited, distracted, or anxious and won’t listen to you, the Brilliant Partners Academy can help you be the partner your dog needs!

The Brilliant Partners Academy is a holistic, positive, heart-connected partnership training program that equips you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to develop a deeper bond and a trusting relationship with your dog.

In this special episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy interviews a few BPA members who share their stories including the highs and the lows with their dogs. Hear how far they’ve come since joining the Academy and discover the potential that every dog has to blossom and shine. You’ll hear about some common struggles we’ve all faced with our dogs and how these incredible dog moms were able to overcome those issues and master partnership skills so they (and their dogs) could start to enjoy a freeing and happy life together.

We hope hearing these stories from some of our wonderful BPA members inspires you and makes you realize that all dogs, no matter how ‘misbehaved’ they may be, have what it takes to unleash their true potential…you just have to give them the chance.

In This Episode:

  • How a deaf puppy with OCD struggled with resource guarding and found the help he needed to avoid being re-homed
  • How a reactive mountain hunting dog grew to tolerate being around other dogs in a busy town setting
  • How an over-excited dog who lunged and barked at other dogs found the loving partner they needed
  • Why your mindset is so important and how it can impact your dog’s mood, reactions, and behavior
  • What it really feels like to be brilliant partners with your dog
  • How a dog who loved hunting and chasing other animals got a second chance at a forever, loving home
  • How a dedicated dog mom transitioned her transactional relationship with her dog into a heart-connected relationship instead
  • The transformation of a troublemaker dog who supported her owner through a heart-breaking experience and changed their relationship forever

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“I signed up for the free workshop and never looked back.”

“If you believe and follow the BPA principles, your success is inevitable.”

“I feel like we are in a dance together.”

“I know that we were meant to be together…I can’t believe how far we’ve both come.”

“I learned how to reward from my heart, instead of out of my pocket.”

“I called her in my mind, and she was right there.”

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