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EBD175 Connecting Heart-to-Heart

EBD175 Connecting Heart-to-Heart

In our busy lives, sometimes we need to just pause and reflect. How we are and how we act can have a huge effect on our relationship with our dogs.

So, if you want to start working more on your partnership with your dog and connecting heart-to-heart, it all starts with you.

In this episode, Kathy walks through several simple exercises to help you explore who you are and who you want to be as a dog mom. These exercises will help you gain a clearer understanding and start connecting with your dog.

Grab a pen and paper and tune in to this episode to gain clarity on yourself and your partnership with your dog.

Also, if you’re a struggling dog mom stuck at home, be sure to check out Kathy’s new free PDF guide: Stuck at Home “Survival Guide” for Dog Moms.

In this episode:

  • Kathy announces her brand new downloadable guide: Stuck at Home “Survival Guide” for Dog Moms
  • Why who we are informs how we act
  • Simple exercises to get clarity on your partnership with your dog


“At our core is our heart. And our heart is most directly connected to the essence of who we are.”

“When you think about what you love, it generates a vibration in your body.”

“What we do is directly informed by how we are being.”

Love this and want more?

Love this and want more?

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