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EBD 009: Creating a Partnership Lifestyle with Your Dog

How do I build a trusting and loving partnership lifestyle with my dog?

Creating a partnership lifestyle, building trust, and loving leadership are the topics of this episode of the Enlightened By Dogs show!

From the clarity questions that will guide us to the best possible situations, all the way to insights on what makes a great leader…

Kathy is taking us through the necessary steps to plug those trust leaks and get back to loving and enjoying a partnership lifestyle with our dogs!

“A leader is visionary, and leads by example”

When we ask ourselves: “Will this build trust?” and “Will this build confidence?” and “Is this a baby step toward my desired outcome?” … Yes or No?

… and when we make our decisions based on those very clear and simple answers, a partnership lifestyle based on love and trust is guaranteed!

This episode takes us deep into this process and paints a clear picture of the social intelligence of our dogs. Kathy asks us to take an honest look at the effects of counter conditioning and training from the lens of our dog’s perspective.

In This Episode

  • Understanding and building a foundational relationship
  • What is the right kind of leadership?
  • How dogs learn as a socially intelligent species
  • Spiders!!!!
  • The Clarity Questions


“It’s really important for us to learn how to be good leaders”

“It’s all about being able to inspire”

“A leader is visionary, and leads by example”

“Find other things that you want to do with your dog that your dog likes to do too”

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