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EBD 014 Reactive Dog Transformation – Cindy Shares Her Story

How Cindy’s Lyric Went From Reactive Dog to Brilliant Partner

A reactive dog can be a heartbreaking situation … especially for someone who has dreams of an active life together. How do you turn that around?

Cindy joins Kathy on this episode of Enlightened By Dogs to share Lyric’s story of trust, and triumph … not from training, but from creating partnership.

Cindy shares …

“Lyric turned out to be very reactive to people and dogs.  Easily over stimulated and very sensitive to her environment, life was quickly becoming a nightmare.  All my hopes and dreams were going right down the drain. BPA and the Foundation Formula has been a lifesaver.”

In This Episode

  • A dream that turned into a reactive nightmare
  • When all of the typical things don’t work, what am I supposed to do?
  • Revisiting the baby steps and building trust
  • Taking the pressure off and getting into the ring
  • Advice for new dog lovers and trainers, and the impact of a strong relationship


“All my hopes and dreams were going down the drain” – Cindy

“I was trying so hard to help her and I couldn’t help her” – Cindy

“We have to work really hard at forgiving ourselves” – Kathy

“The trust comes when your dog knows that you understand them” – Kathy

“No matter how positive the reinforcement is, it’s still pressure” – Kathy

“It’s a way of life rather than a training program” – Cindy

“We can’t fix anybody else but we can certainly control how we react to things and how we approach things” – Cindy

“You gotta let go and trust your feelings” – Cindy

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