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EBD017 Distracted Dogs – What To Do!

I’ve Cracked the Code on the Root Cause of Distracted Dogs

Today Kathy talks about getting distracted. Your dog gets distracted, you get distracted: this episode covers why it happens and what we can do about your distracted dog.

Over the past 30 years, lots of dogs have visited here at my farm for life skills training, behavior transformation, herding training and more. There is LOTS of distraction.

Oh, the smells and sights on a farm! If the critters themselves weren’t distracting enough … there’s the sheep poop…the horse poop…the chicken poop…it’s heavenly for the dogs and hellish for their person. (yes, there is lots of poop on a farm, and you know how much dogs love poop)

With all this personal experience with distraction from both sides of the fence, I have cracked the code on the Root Cause of Distracted Dogs.

And, I have figured out how you can keep your dog focused in all circumstances.

Are you ready? Listen to today’s episode!

In This Episode

  • What happens when the flow of information stops between us and our dog
  • The dialogue loop and tips to improve it
  • Why the ownness is on us
  • Learning from our distractions
  • Focusing on the task at hand


“Distraction happens at the worst possible time”

“We are in our own heads and we’re not with our dogs”

“Our dogs are lost and lonely because we’re not present”

“We want to understand our dog’s perspective”

“Dogs get distracted is because their human is distracted.

“When we are learning, thinking, nervous, worried, assessing, obsessing, freaking out…we are disconnected from our dog. We are ‘inside our head’, and our dog is basically ‘out there’ alone”

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