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EBD025 The Language of Partnership with Dogs

The language of partnership with dogs is the intersection of connection, understanding and cooperation.

We’re talking about the single most powerful and effective dog training tool available. Do you know what it is? The EXCHANGE of Communication.

Our communication, both verbal and non-verbal, has so much power to create a brilliant partnership with dogs. So, without using the right language with your dog: accomplishing anything is almost impossible!

As a result, without even realizing, we are often inadvertently teaching our dogs to ignore us.

When we are not acutely aware of the effect we are having on our dog and are not adjusting with that awareness…

… we are teaching our dogs to take responsibility for filtering our communication…

Therefore, if we leave it up to them, alone, to figure out what’s important and what’s not, we are setting up our partnership for failure.

This episode goes into the brilliance and power of using communication to build a strong partnership

In This Episode

  • What exactly is communication?
  • The circle of understanding and cooperation
  • Is speech or movement more important when training?
  • Maximizing your chances for success
  • What Kathy did when her young dog wouldn’t listen


“Communication is an exchange, it’s not a one way flow”

“High pitched, repetitive sounds inspire action”

“Slow, low, soothing sounds are calming for dogs”

“Human speech as a defined language is not a native language to a dog”

Communication is the successful exchange of information, ideas and feelings.”

“Puppies have a lot of things to figure out about life”

“We’ll become happy and brilliant partners the better our communication gets”

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  1. Loved it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge Kathy. You give words to the feelings I have since my dog came into my life. I started out as an ignorant (but loving) dog owner who has learned so much over the years and realizing there is so much more but very grateful for the growing connection with my dog and all the ones I work with.

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