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EBD026 A Love Letter to My Dogs and My Promise

What does your dog truly mean to you?

It’s important to reconnect and stay in touch with what really matters most. In this episode, I read to you my love letter to my dogs, sharing my true feelings about what having dogs in my life means to me.

I share a love letter to my dogs, straight from my heart, telling them just how I feel and making them a promise that I intend to do my best to keep.

I also invite you to share what you would say in a love letter to your dogs!

In This Episode

  • Spreading the message that our dogs are truly life-changing.
  • A letter to my dogs, from my heart to your ears
  • Aspiring to be the kind of person your dog needs most
  • What would you write in a letter to your dogs?


“I hope it inspires you to get in touch with what your dogs truly mean to you”

“I promise to keep on aspiring to be the person you see in me”

“I will keep on guiding every lover of dogs to be the kind of person that their dogs see in them”

“What would you write to your dogs?”

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