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EBD044 Leadership Is Love To Our Dogs

Leadership, in the positive dog training world, is the most misunderstood concept of all … to the detriment of our dogs

Welcome to the Enlightened by Dogs podcast hosted by Kathy Kawalec. This weekly podcast about dogs focuses on our partnerships and relationships with our dogs as emotional, intelligent beings who are part of our family group.

Along the way, Kathy will give you strategies that will inspire within the realm of positive dog training.

In this episode, Kathy delivers a passionate look at the common misunderstanding about leadership and she talks about why it is so important to get this right for our dogs.

Yes, she says … it’s a bit of a rant!

Listen to discover:

  • What causes our dogs to thrive within a family group (and subsequently allows us to thrive as well.)
  • The science behind the difference between leadership and dominance
  • Why it does our dogs a disservice to have an aversion toward being a loving leader
  • The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell
  • Simon Sinek – Start with Why
  • Trust: A story Deb and her dog that demonstrates the importance of trust and leadership


“We and our dogs are socially intelligent mammals.”

“Leadership does not mean dominance.”

“Being a good leader means that our only goal is to keep those we’re leading safe and secure and thriving.”

“One of the things we can consider are choice points.”

“Will I choose the high road when my dog doesn’t listen? Will I take that as feedback?”

“Trust is awarded by our dogs to someone that they trust to keep them safe, that will give them good advice, and to someone who is calm and clear.”

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