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EBD048 Safe Calm and Happy – A Stress Reset

How to reduce stress from your relationship with your dog and in your life with the Safe Calm and Happy protocol

Have you noticed that you and your dog(s) need a bit of a stress reset? What does relaxed and happy look like in our everyday life? In this episode, Kathy shares how to identify where you and your dog are happy, what increases your stress, and the importance of living in the safe calm and happy zone.

  • Making sure our needs are met, as well as our dog’s needs, allows more fruitful communication.
  • How long does it take for cortisol (stress hormone) to be flushed from (yours and your dog’s) the system?
    • The answer will shock you!

Listen to discover:

  • What happens when we take a breath and reset?
    • For us as humans
    • For our dogs
  • A heart-warming, inspiring story about Petina’s rescue Murphy
  • Living the Brilliant Partnership way of life with Mary’s new puppy Milo


“Our brains want to keep us in the comfort zone, even if the comfort zone is the most unbelievably uncomfortable place ever.”

“It takes us stepping back and saying, ‘wait a minute, this isn’t working’.”

“The reason safe, calm and happy works and we can have such a phenomenal turn around is when the humans commit themselves to being brilliant partners!”

“They committed themselves to understanding, communicating, to not trying to fix their dog … and to learn how to live in a way where everyone thrives.”

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One Response

  1. Kathy gives me so much hope for a better life for my rescue dog with me while I endeavour to become a living leader in a cooperative partnership with him.
    It makes so much sense but it is how to do it?

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