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EBD049 Faster and Easier Partnership with Baby Steps

Small, consistent baby steps will always win over the occasional grand gesture, even in your relationship with your dog!

Did you know the smaller baby steps you take the quicker you are to attain your goals? In this episode Kathy discusses the comfort zone that exists for us and our dogs and some common ways we set ourselves (and our dogs) up to fail.

We can learn how to be good role models, loving leaders who are able to set appropriate boundaries. When we do this our dogs are much happier and blossom into their true potential.

  • Taking teeny-tiny baby steps expands our relationship and our understanding … which leads to a brilliant partnership and a brilliant life with our dogs!

Listen to discover:

  • When we take huge steps toward our goal, which is outside of our comfort zone, often we backslide and diminish confidence for both ourselves and our dogs
    • Setting ourselves up for failure
    • Diminishes trust between us and our dogs
  • Kathy shares a story about Haley, her anxious/over aroused dog
    • Worried about environment, scanning, barking, leash-pulling
    • The amazing breakthrough that brightened their partnership relationship


“Did you know the smaller baby steps you take the quicker you are to attain your goals?”

“A common mistake that keeps us stuck is that we keep measuring the gap between where we are now, and where we wish to be.”

“You’re here because you want to do right by your dog.”

“It’s almost like it seems too simple to work.”

“When we insist on following our ‘plan’ even if it might be too much for us or our dogs, we are literally choosing failure.”

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