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EBD050 Who Is Responsible For This Behavior?

Who is responsible for this behavior, and the partnership with your dog?

“Who is responsible for this?”

That’s the question that Kathy recommends we ask ourselves whenever we are triggered by our dog’s unwanted behavior.

Ever wondered who is responsible for your partnership? What does a brilliant partnership look like? That’s exactly what Kathy discusses in this episode of Enlightened by Dogs.

Habits can be hard to break and our host recommends we start creating new habits right away, and not allow unwanted behavior or  and ‘bad’ habits to continue. We have to stop putting our dogs in the position to behave “badly” and reframe our responses.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”

Listen to discover:

  • How do we go about escalating an ask?
  • Using the 95% rule
  • Responsibility as Kathy and her dogs have come to understand it!
    • Accusations
    • Irresponsibility
    • Saying aloud, “Who is responsible for this?”
    • Emotions trigger a pivot to a new thought process
    • The process will unfold and you will find the answer
    • With practice, the process goes faster and the situation changes in mere seconds
    • Empowering yourself and your dogs


“I’m not perfect and my dogs aren’t perfect…and that’s ok!”

“No matter what, I can get to this: what got us here are all 100% my choices.”

“What did I learn from this and what am I going to do differently next time?”

“I laugh out loud and that will typically instantly defuse my frustration, and give me a fresh perspective.”

“I am better prepared to learn how to be different.”

“It’s all about learning to be the kind of benevolent, loving, clear, and congruent  leader that our dogs love to follow.”

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