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EBD058 What To Do When Your Dog Is Rebellious

What should you do when your dog is rebellious and refuses to listen?

Why can’t my dog walk on leash? How can I keep my dog off of the furniture? Why doesn’t my dog listen to me? Does any of this sound familiar?

A lot of dog lovers go through these moments! You’re not alone, and you might be a little surprised at Kathy’s solutions to these common issues!

Behavior is communication, and these rebellious actions are no different! Your dog is trying very hard to tell you something, and you may not be getting it.

Join Kathy as she pulls back the curtain and welcomes you to listen in on a coaching call where she answers some Brilliant Partner’s questions about what to do when your dog is rebellious on this week’s episode of Enlightened By Dogs!

In This Episode:

  • Why is your dog rebelling in the first place?
  • Does your dog dislike the leash, or do you dislike the leash?
  • Reframing the problem can bring new solutions to the problem.
  • Are you choosing to be confused?


“My dog is not giving me a hard time. My dog is having a hard time”

“This difficult moment with your dog is what you’ve been practicing for!”

“The leash is what you make it to mean”

“A leash is just a safety net. That’s all it is”

“The more we choose to be confused, the more confusing things get”

“We get better and better at being brilliant partners as we live the partnership lifestyle.”

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