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EBD067 Hope For Living With Difficult Dogs with Sue Mimm

Believe in yourself, believe in your dog … what is possible is way beyond your wildest dreams … even with difficult dogs!

Does life with your difficult dog frustrate you? Are you feeling stressed out or overwhelmed by their behavior? Does it feel like there’s no end in sight?
Never fear! Brilliant Partner and recurring podcast guest Sue Mimm is joining Kathy on the show today to talk about how she went from dreading her days with her difficult dogs, to loving every single minute of their time together!
Sue sheds light on some of her difficult moments early on in their relationship, and explains how she managed to turn it around. She describes where she put her focus and how things progressed into such an amazing transformation!
A year and a half ago, Sue would have never imagined things going the way they are today, but it has happened, and she’s here to help you see the hope in your story with YOUR difficult dogs.

In This Episode:

  • We get an introduction to Sue, her dogs, and the golden standard of partnership.
  • What got Sue from being overwhelmed and stressed out by her difficult dogs, to having the greatest partnership possible
  • Facing the inner pressure created by thinking “this isn’t how it should be” versus “this is how it is, but we can improve it.”
  • The core things that Sue focused on to make the transformation happen!
  • Does your dog get better, or is it actually you who gets better?

Quotes by Sue Mimm

“Can I just make it through one day in a semi-normal way?”

“Life is good”

“You never think that’s something that you can attain or that you can have with your dog and it’s just a very beautiful thing”

“They had to be big transformations before I was willing to celebrate them and then I realized these big transformations just weren’t coming”

“Why do you have a dog? What do you want to do with your dog?”

“Don’t put your dog in a situation that they cannot handle”

“I want to take all of the hard stuff away, and whittle it down to the most crucial pieces”

“I can start to enjoy life with my dog today”

“Believe in yourself, believe in your dog, what is possible is way beyond your wildest dreams”

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About Sue Mimm

Sue Mimm earned her Diploma as an Austrian Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviour Therapist in 2018 and opened her dog training business called Heart Connection Dogs in Austria.

Sue’s life motto is “Question everything and never stop looking for answers”, which has led her to a lifetime of study and learning.

Sue is particularly passionate about helping people who have reactive and fearful dogs, especially those who have been rescued or rehomed, and takes a holistic approach to working with behaviour cases.

Get in touch with Sue at https://heartconnectiondogs.com

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