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EBD069 Family Harmony Restored with 3 Rescue Dogs feat. Bettina Nowicki

Adopting a ‘special needs’ dog with serious behavior issues made family harmony impossible … but only for a while. Partnership saved the day!

Imagine adopting 2 Great Pyrenees dogs and having them join your family. Everything is going well, and family harmony is sweet.
Then one day, you decide to take in a deaf dog, and give him a chance at a great life with your loved ones. It starts going down hill. The new dog is stressed out, frustrated, and you can’t communicate with him. Your other dogs are feeling out of sorts.
The new dog starts to destroy the house, and fight with the other male dog in your house. You have to start boarding off rooms and keeping everyone separated. Family harmony? Not by a mile!
Sound a little like a nightmare? Well that was Bettina Nowicki’s life when she adopted Murphy!! Murphy is not a bad dog, but when he came into a new place, with strange new people and dogs, he didn’t adjust very well.
Everything seemed hopeless until Bettina met Kathy and stumbled upon the winning formula! Murphy began to improve within days of making small “baby step” changes, and now Murphy is a full fledged and loved member of her family! The other dogs even lie with him and play with him! Family harmony has been restored.
It’s become like night and day in Bettina’s house, and Kathy’s Brilliant Partners played a role in making it happen! Want to know how it transpired? Tune in to this episode of Enlightened By Dogs!

In This Episode:

  • Adopting Murphy into the family turned their life upside down.
  • Was Murphy a lost cause? Would he need to be sent to a new home?
  • How the family was able to come together as a unit and embrace a new way of living!
  • Learning how to communicate with a dog who is deaf, and things that Bettina had never even considered!
  • How Brilliant Partners differ from dog training programs.


“I think the dogs were becoming anxious and unruly because we didn’t know what to do, or how to be the loving leaders they needed.”

“Living a partnership lifestyle changed everything. We can drive them again! We can walk them again!”

“We weren’t even able to have them in the same room together, they are now lying on the couch together, they’re playing outside together”

“Our dogs don’t bark at the neighbors anymore”

“I never knew how to communicate with my dogs until I met you”

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