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EBD072 3 Dog Socialization Mistakes You Must Avoid

Stay away from these 3 socialization mistakes in order to maintain trust with your dog!

How do you socialize your dog? Are you the type to force your friend to face their fears? What about bringing them into crowded dog parks to expose them to other dogs?

Have you been wishing for a better way to socialize? One that actually works and doesn’t stress out your dog or break their trust?

Today on Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy is busting through 3 socialization myths that leave you and your dog in worse shape than when you started! Tune in and learn why these socialization mistakes are so damaging, and how avoiding them at all costs will lead to a much stronger bond with your four legged family members!

Worried you might be doing one of these things? Then it’s time to click play, and find out! If you’re not, then great! But if you are, now is your chance to stop what you’re doing to avoid these common socialization mistakes, learn a better way, and begin building a deep, trusting connection with your dog!

In This Episode:

  • Why do we go about socializing our dogs at all.
  • Myth #1: Exposure is not positive socialization.
  • When do we need to take extra care of the experiences our dogs have?
  • Myth #2: Flooding is not positive socialization.
  • How do you build trust, confidence and resiliency within you and your dog?
  • Pressure to conform is not positive socialization.


“Socialization should consist of introducing your dog, in a respectful and mindful way, to a variety of new circumstances that result in a positive experience for your dog.”

“Exposure is not positive socialization”

“We want to give our dogs the freedom to choose”

“Honor each dog as unique and beautiful”

“Let’s not put our dogs into compromising positions where they’re not feeling safe, calm and happy”

“Positive and proper socialization means that we honor our dogs”

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3 Responses

  1. I have a rescue dog she is 27months old she had been badly treated and locked up all day while the people who owned worked long hours their teenage children refused to walk her si my female dog was frightened of other digs and people even the slightest noise made the dog cry and wimper she had bad dreams at night and cried a lot when I got her she was quite thin and would lunge at people and bark all the time I have her just over 5 months now she has settled down a great deal she is a great affectionate dog in my apartment but still barks at other dogs and pulls to get to them but I can see she is responding with me walking her each morning and in the early evening for 1 hour and 15minutes each time I love her to bits but in the early months I was seriously considering have her rehomed now im glad im persevering with the challenge but you were right the dog recognises I love her as family its just her and me apart from family members visiting at weekends .listening to your podcast its helped me to know someone else thinks the same way as me so thank you for this support Lorraine

  2. Its me again taking it nice and slow with Reina our walks are in a quiet peaceful area along side a road beside gulf course not too many dogs about she still barks to get over to other dogs some dogs she does not bark at so I allow her contact with them for the first time last week she responded with another dog in playful mood just like a pup does I felt so happy for her as this was a first seeing her playing Im getting her spayed soon so im hoping this will settle her more after the 3 weeks of healing we live in Estepona on the Costa Del Sol so great weather now to get out more if you can suggest some tips I would be most grateful I have not allowed her off the leash yet because she is waiting to be sterlised and I dont want to take any chances thank you for Listening to me Lorraine

  3. I try to let my dog make his own choices, but he often makes the wrong choice – i.e. to play too roughly with a younger, smaller, dog, and ignore the “leave me alone” signals from another dog; so I have to intervene as he switches from “play” mode to “hunt” mode.

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