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EBD075 How We Disrupt Heart Connections with Our Dogs

Heart connections are what we both want more than anything

Do you know what stands in the way of you forming a heart connection with your dog? Have you been trying to connect on a deeper level with your friend, but things seem to be getting in the way? Heart connections are a core piece of what makes a relationship and friendship so strong, and yet so many of us struggle, and sometimes aren’t even aware of it!

Having a genuine heart to heart connection and bond with our dogs is what both sides truly want, and Kathy is here to share 3 things that may be stopping you from reaching your ultimate happy place with your dog!

Are you falling into any of these traps that disrupt heart connections with your dog? Tune in and find out if you are, and how to get back on track to creating an amazing partnership to be proud of!

In This Episode:

  • What stands is the way of you having a heart to heart connection with your dog?

  • Are you being present and in the moment?

  • Are you worried about getting it wrong?

  • Are you letting your dog give you breaks from the hamster wheel of life?

  • Are you being sucked into the drama?

  • The REAL reason we get dogs, and how to ensure we’re living up to our full potential as partners!


“What stands is the way of us having a heart to heart connection with our dog?”

“If we’re afraid of making a mistake or getting it wrong, well that means that we’re literally building a wall between us and our dog”

“We’re role modeling for our doh the very thing that we don’t want our dogs to mirror”

“What my dog most needs is a heart connection”

“Breathe through that little bit of discomfort you’re going to feel when you decide to change things”

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