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EBD 278 Results Over Reasons: In The Moment Choices For A Brilliant Future With Your Dog

Experiencing the true depth of connection with our dogs lies in understanding our own feelings and mindset.

This episode revolves around a pivotal thought: What if we could manifest the emotions we wish to experience in the future, right at this moment? And what would that mean for our future relationship and partnership life with our dogs?

It’s not about waiting for our dogs to behave a certain way to feel happiness or contentment, it’s about cultivating those feelings in the moment, today.

Often, we find ourselves in a cycle of waiting: “I’ll be happy when my dog listens better.” But could it be that by feeling happy and calm now, we pave the way for a lifelong harmonious relationship?

One of the most impactful takeaways from this conversation is the recognition of our power to choose our reactions. There exists a brief, transformative moment between an event and our response to it. By harnessing this moment, choosing understanding and compassion, we can fundamentally transform our relationship with our dogs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Traditional dog training often misses the essence of a strong human-dog bond, emphasizing commands over connection.
  • Embodying our future emotions in the present can dramatically shift our relationships with our dogs and our experiences.
  • Between every stimulus and response lies a choice; harnessing this space empowers us to be brilliant partners to our dogs

Memorable Quotes:

“In the tiny space between what happens and how we react, there’s a powerful choice point that creates our dream life with our dogs.”

“Choosing to respond with love and calm right now in this challenging moment might just be the secret sauce to a happy, cooperative life with your dog.”

“How do you want your future to feel? Feel that today.”

“All we ever have is NOW. The future we want is created NOW. The more we feel like the future brilliant partner we want to become NOW, the closer that future is to NOW.”


Become a calm and confident Dog Mom with a cooperative, happy dog … without obedience training, relying on treats or arousing games, or corrections of any type.

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