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EBD114 What REALLY Matters is When You’re NOT Training Your Dog (Part 1)

What REALLY Matters is When You’re NOT Training Your Dog (Part 1)

Do you have a dog who just won’t listen to you?

Maybe your dog barks in the yard, pulls on the leash, or lunges towards everything (and everyone) they see. The bottom line is that whenever you need your dog to do something, they don’t. It’s frustrating when your dog won’t listen to you but…have you considered why that might be?

In this episode of Enlightened By Dogs, Kathy talks about the importance of identifying which activities and experiences you share with your dog that could cause your dog to become over-aroused and/or reduce the trust and connection between you both.

You’ll also discover what really matters when you’re trying to build a loving partnership lifestyle with your dog (Spoiler – what really matters is when you’re NOT training your dog!).

In this episode:

  • How dogs learn to engage with their family (or pack) members
  • Why it’s so important to remember that your dog is a socially intelligent being
  • How to be a good role model for your dog
  • Why you might need to take time to reset your relationship with your dog and learn to take responsibility
  • The power of taking baby steps and how doing this will help you to reach your end goal without being unnecessarily corrective towards your dog

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“We can learn to be conscious role models for our dogs”

“I want to take the mystery out of how we can engage with our dogs”

“We have the ability and responsibility to learn how to be calm, respectful, conscious, present, and attentive to our dogs and the circumstances we place ourselves in”

“You and your dog have history” 

“You need baby steps way more than your dog!” 

“We need a foundation of how to live well with our dogs”

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