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EBD117 Walking Dogs: Prepare for the Unexpected

EBD117 Walking Dogs: Prepare for the Unexpected

Are you having a hard time walking your dog? Do you find yourself dreaming of an alternate universe where your dog walks by your side and doesn’t pull on the leash or lunge towards other people (and their dogs)?

If you’re nodding yes, this is the episode of Enlightened By Dogs you’ve been waiting for. The truth is that walking your dog can be really challenging sometimes. That’s why Kathy is doing a deep dive into the layers beneath all the difficulties that we have walking our dogs in partnership effectively in real life.

In part one of this three-part mini-series, you’ll get a sneak peek into one of Kathy’s coaching sessions with members of the Brilliant Partnership Academy. In this episode, Kathy talks about how you can be prepared for the unexpected when you’re walking your dog. Hopefully, this helps you to learn how to walk with your dog as partners.

In this episode:

  • The most common mistake people make when walking their dogs
  • Why you should rehearse partnership principles and not just ‘practice’ them
  • How to walk together as partners with your dog

Read Be Ready For Anything While Walking Your Dog.


“Unconditional love is not contingent upon behavior”

“Thinking about what to do makes it impossible to do the thing we want to do”

“If we have been living the connection and collaboration, we are better prepared”

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