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EBD172 From Reactive Dogs to Remarkable Partners with Ros Swallow

EBD172 From Reactive Dogs to Remarkable Partners with Ros Swallow

Having one reactive dog can be challenging enough but imagine adding another one into the mix!

In this Enlightened By Dogs episode, Kathy revisits a conversation she had with Ros Swallow, proud dog mom to two beautiful (yet highly reactive) Hungarian Vizslas.

Ros had tried everything and had adapted her lifestyle to try and keep her dogs calm. Yet, she felt overwhelmed with anxiety whenever she took them out for a walk. People, dogs, bikes, and everything in between would always trigger panic and reactivity in her dogs.

Ros eventually took a leap of faith and joined Brilliant Partners Academy to learn how to become a calm and confident role model. Hear her experience and how BPA helped to turn Ros and her partnership with Phoebe and Myrtle around.

In this episode:

  • What triggered Phoebe and Myrtle’s reactive and anxious behaviors
  • The steps Ros took before joining BPA
  • How BPA helped Ros transform her relationship with her dogs
  • What Ros loves most about the BPA community


“The progress we have made is beyond anything I have ever imagined possible.”

“What I really like about BPA and the coaching is that all I need is myself and my dog. And I don’t have to think that hard about how I’m going to react in this particular situation because it becomes a habit.”

“If you’re willing to make a commitment, if you’re willing to follow the program, step by step, the support really is there.”

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