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EBD193 What Is a Partnership Lifestyle? The How, What and Why It’s Brilliant

EBD193 What Is a Partnership Lifestyle? The How, What and Why It’s Brilliant

What does a partnership lifestyle with your dog mean to you?

While it may vary from one dog parent to the other, it’s safe to say that there are a few underlying principles to look out for. Altogether, partnership with your dog involves more than a quid pro quo exchange on a daily basis.

It’s a state of coexistence where both you and your dog are intimately interdependent through a two-way flow of benefits and mutual responsibilities.

In this episode of the Enlightened by Dogs podcast, Kathy shares some details about what a life of partnership is and what it means to her. She explores principles like clarity, kindness, and boundaries and highlights the importance of self-reflection and mindfulness in the partnership lifestyle.

In this episode:

  • What makes your partnership with your dog masterful
  • The importance of emotionally intelligent choices in partnerships
  • How Kathy applies clearness, kindness, and boundaries in her personal life


“As loving dog parents, we understand that our dogs need unconditional support and consistent role modeling to learn key life lessons about acceptable behavior and responsible decision making.”

“A foundation of self-regulation, resiliency, and bonding is built moment by moment in ordinary life, shaping how we perceive the world around us.”

“A partnership lifestyle is a way of living that’s harmonious and respectful of one another with each partner is contributing to making the quality of our life together better and brilliant.”

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