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EBD197 5 Outdated Dog Training Myths Debunked – What Is Working in Real Life, with Real Dogs, Right Now

EBD197 5 Outdated Dog Training Myths Debunked - What Is Working in Real Life, with Real Dogs, Right Now

What’s holding you back from living out your dreams of a perfect relationship with your dog?

Most time, it boils down to misinformation and limited beliefs drawn from the outdated obedience training culture. There’s lots of advice out there for dog parents looking to navigate the tricky parts of their relationship with their dogs.

But not all of them are right for you or your dog. Perhaps that’s why the life you’ve always dreamt of seems so unattainable.

In this episode of the Enlightened by Dogs podcast, Kathy shares the five most common myths about living in cooperative harmony with dogs. She debunks these myths and highlights some of the great ways a partnership lifestyle could work instead.

In this episode:

  • Why you shouldn’t let misconceptions ruin a brilliant partnership with your dog
  • Kathy shares 5 common myths that prevent a wholesome partnership
  • How to start building the perfect life with your dog


“The longer you wait until everything is perfect, the less likely you’ll ever be to start. And that, my friend, is not an option.”

“Instead of focusing on transactions and training, let’s go right to the root cause of all of these behaviors and meet our dogs’ needs as social mammals.”

“Exposing our dogs to things that trigger their fear doesn’t make them feel better any more than it would make you feel better if someone kept exposing you to things that make you uncomfortable.”

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